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A cartoon is a type of illustration, possibly animated, typically in a non-realistic or semi-realistic style. The specific meaning has evolved over time, but the modern usage usually refers to either: an image or series of images intended for satire, caricature, or humor; or a motion picture that relies on a sequence of illustrations for its animation. Someone who creates cartoons in the first sense is called a cartoonist, and in the second sense they are usually called an animator. The concept originated in the Middle Ages, and first described a preparatory drawing for a piece of art, such as a painting, fresco, tapestry, or stained glass window. In the 19th century, it came to refer – ironically at first – to humorous illustrations in magazines and newspapers. In the early 20th century, it began to refer to animated films which resembled print cartoons.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit ?

Who Framed Roger Rabbit is a 1988 American live-action/animated fantasy film directed by Robert Zeme ...

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Which crime fighting cartoon dog has the initals “S.D.” on his collar ?

Which crime-fighting cartoon dog has the initals “S.D.” on his collar ... on the other hand, we ...

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